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Treasury Direct Investing:
Made Easy

See historical and current redemption values, and forecast future earnings based on your inflation expectations.

Customised to your bond portfolio with key upcoming dates and events highlighted.

An partial image of a $1,000 US Treasury Series I Bond with Albert Einstein's face on it. It has been altered to have Albert wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Treasury Bond Calculator (I Bond and EE Bond)

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What People Are Saying...

"Love the new feature of when to sell. I will be using it to cycle a few of my I-bonds to the .9% fixed rate!"

- Jason (Premium User)

"I love the resources, especially the calculator... The accrual vs. redemption value is wonderful."

- Jeremy Keil, Keil Financial Partners

"Handy calculators to visualize the redemption value of my I-Bonds and math behind selling them."

- Dexter, founder of Money Abroad

"Very nice."

- Nifblab on Reddit