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What's This?

Your Treasury Direct is a companion tool for investors using Treasury Direct.

We are NOT affiliated with TreasuryDirect or the government in any way.

What we believe

Series I savings bonds ("I Bonds") are a great investment option to consider, especially in the economy of 2023. Currently paying 4.30%, guaranteed by the US Treasury.

However, I Bonds are currently held back by their relative complexity, and lack of modern software support. The added friction of tracking Treasury Direct purchases via the Treasury website makes it harder to make informed decisions. We believe clear UX and friendly APIs can bring I Bonds into the mainstream of personal finance.

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Our Goals


We strive for continuous improvement, and we need your help! Let us know what features you'd particularly like to see, and what frustrations you have with Treasury Direct in general. Email us at

❓ Potential New Features

  • Customizable email alerts on rate/bond events
  • Add aggregate purchasing volumes data
  • Bond Table Enhancements: row editing, sorting, filtering
  • Bond input from csv
  • Time-Weighted and Money-Weighted Returns
  • Export forecasting to csvs
  • Enhanced interest rate forecasting with Prediction Markets, powered by Manifold Markets
  • Your idea here!

🚧 In Progress

  • I Bonds vs EE Bonds
  • Visual Combination Rate calculator

✅ Done

  • Add "Total" line to graph
  • I Bond Selling Guide
  • Comparison to Bank CDs
  • More test coverage
  • EE Bond support in portfolio
  • Rates Tab
  • Historical redemption graph
  • Dynamic interest rate forecasting
  • Bond-specific key upcoming dates feed
  • Current Rates page, with historical rates chart

Frequently Asked Questions